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The era of 21st Century is an information technology era with computer revolation which is the main dream of Indian Govt. due to globalization, so for the full filment of this achivement and technical education all over the world. The R.G.C.S.M. has start a compaigns for computer literacy programme. Through rural areas of India.
The main function of the mission as per its aims is to provide higher and higher techinical education at normal charges for every group of society but specially for rual areas of India. It has been paying an important role by the mission because the former Prime Minister Late Shri Rajeev Gandhi introduced computer compaings all over India. The mission is introduced by his name. So R.G.C.S.M has been giving computer education specialty for rural area.
Through this computer literacy programme of R.G.C.S.M. we ensure that the students of R.G.C.S.M. has been learning more or more and becoming a dyanamic human being.
The member of R.G.C.S.M. have been taking keen interest to sucecess its era giving sportnious help to the students of it to build their bright carrer.
The Strong infra-structure of mission efficient energetic dedicated and capable persons. The students to move forward. They have been exposed for training and rual world project.
I am sure that the students of R.G.C.S.M. can met any challenge and demand.
I wish all success in their lives for a better tommorrow for the mankind and I also wish all success of mission of R.G.C.S.M.

Thanks !

" Never lose hope, Hope is a rope
That swings you through life "